Abesan House

The house site is located in the town of Takahata in Yamagata prefecture. This area characterised by its heavy winter snowfall which can reach up tp 3 mts. high in the mountain areas.The composition is defined by the central living room around which all other house spaces area distributed.
Having its own entrance, the music room can be used as a classroom, independently from the other areas of the house; also during concert recitals can be integrated with the living room and the upper loft, transforming the space into an in-house auditorium. The passage of time and changes in day light and weather can be enjoyed through the perimetral loft side window.

Site: Takahata, Yamagata, Japan
Structure: Steel&Wooden Structure
Usage: Residence and Music classroom
Completion: 2002.04
Collaboration: Daisuke Mimura/Malo Planning Co.
Structural Design: Delta Structural Design
Contractor: Nikken Construction
Photos: Takeo Dec.